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In today’s competitive market, the variety of hardware and software present in the workplace is greater than ever before.  The applications that businesses run, and the complex equipment they run on, can change overnight.  Therefore, HPN tailors its service to meet your business’s needs, which ensures maximum value for your company.

Stay Competitive

Half Price Networks is a leading data network integration company that provides LAN/WAN consulting services for all types of connectivity issues. Certified experienced professionals support most major hardware and software platforms. HPN utilizes the latest technologies to implement your business strategies in a reliable, cost effective manner. On-going maintenance keeps your company on top.


Our bottom line is INTEGRITY!

Our philosophy is to assess your company’s specific needs and to design a system that provides you with the latest technologies, without unnecessary extras, at a fair and competitive price.

Let us help you reach the world!

We have had the opportunity to serve many corporations, both large and small. From developing and replacing entire corporate packages to installing network programs for businesses just getting started, we can do it all.

We ask for your confidence today; we will not have to do it again.